Who We Are

SmartAction™ is at the evolutionary forefront of call automation, with our cloud-based, artificial intelligence speech IVR solution. While most IVR solutions use application-specific programs or scripts, only SmartAction’s Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA™) uses a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to create engaging natural language conversations that constantly learn and improve.

Conversation IVRs: Delivering Effective Customer Service

Tom Lewis, CEO of SmartAction, was recently asked to speak at the 2015 Mobile Voice Conference in San Jose, California.

Tom's presentation titled, "Conversational IVRs: Delivering Effective Customer SErvice," discussed the ever changing expectations of customers as technology advances. The presentation also highlights the importance of the voice channel and how artificial intelligence will, and has already begun, to impact the contact center. 


Our Journey

SmartAction is the leader in Artificial-Intelligence enabled voice self-service, and we are pleased to announce the next evolution of IVR delivery: IVA™, our Intelligent Voice Automation platform. IVA is the culmination of over 10 years of research and development. Our award-winning "IVR with a brain" uses natural language speech recognition throughout every call, an artificial brain to handle the conversation flow, and is based on an object oriented coding framework.

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