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The IVR Maturity Model

To help brands assess their IVRs, we have developed this IVR Maturity Model. In it, we present the various features, capabilities, and implementation approaches that affect the performance and usability of an IVR. The tasks that an IVR can complete range from simple to complex, and every IVR application is a bit different. This paper identifies 25 of those key capabilities and approaches, split into three distinct categories: Effort, Experience, and Knowledge. Download The Maturity Model 

The Acronym Handbook

Are you new to the contact center industry, inexperienced in how telephony works, or interested in implementing a contact center solution? Download The Acronym Handbook and get a list of the 50 most commonly used acronyms and their definitions.

The acronym handbook is a tool that will come in handy when speaking with colleagues, partners, and vendors.

IVR Best Practices  – Improving Customer Experience via the Voice Channel

Improving Customer Experience via the Voice Channel
In this handy guide, we’ll walk you through nine best practices you should consider when designing and implementing an IVR. If you already have an IVR, these principles can be applied to improve the existing platform. Following these steps from start to finish, there’s no doubt that your IVR will delight customers with a uniquely effortless experience.
Download the White Paper

White Paper: Why a Smart IVR Should Be Your Top Priority

Investment in smart agent technology compares favorably with other contact center solutions that compete for the limited capital budget, as it is provided on a subscription basis with very little, if any, initial capital investment and fast ROI.

Smart IVRs can capably address all of the major requirements of the enterprise and the consumer. The application requires only modest involvement on the part of IT, which frees the organization to continue with other projects. Download the White Paper

White Paper: Our Success Rates Have Changed, Please Listen Carefully

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems were originally intended to effectively solve common, well-defined problems that completed the customer interaction without the need of escalation to a live agent. Although intended to improve customer satisfaction, a survey taken by Amplicate in 2010 found that 88% of people hate IVR solutions. Not dislike, but hate.

Traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems have not delivered on their promise. New advances in speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence have led to an intelligent IVR solution that demonstrate higher success rates and return on investment (ROI). Download the White Paper

White Paper: An Intelligent IVR Solution Gets Better Over Time

Conventional approaches to call automation suffer not only from high cost and often mediocre performance, but they are also usually frozen in time after initial development. This causes performance to actually decline as various aspects of the business and technology change.

SmartAction’s innovative IVR solution overcomes these failings. Our intelligent technology, combined with our unique Smart Service Model, provide multiple avenues to constantly improve completion rates, automation scope, customer experience, and cost savings. Download the White Paper

White Paper: IVR Raises the Bar for Self-Service Call Automation

While traditional IVR systems have automated many self-service applications, they have nearly reached their limits when it comes to enriching the call experience, meaningfully improving performance, and tackling new applications.

Learn how SmartAction’s AI-powered technology begins a new generation of speech IVR technology and enables a wider range of self-service strategies and applications using IVA.  Download the White Paper


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