About SmartAction

Our Mission

"To Supply the Most Intelligent and Effective Call Automation Available."

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Adaptive A.I. Inc., the parent company of SmartAction, was founded in 2001 to develop an effective artificial intelligence (AI) software engine. This technology became a commercially available solution to call centers through SmartAction beginning in 2009. Over the past five years, the company has developed an expansive client list from numerous industries, while scaling and securing its infrastructure with dual data centers and PCI certification, as well as receiving numerous national awards in customer service, technology and innovation.

What We Do

SmartAction is the leader in Artificial-Intelligence enabled voice self-service, and we are pleased to announce the next evolution of IVR delivery: IVA, our Intelligent Voice Automation platform. IVA is the culmination of over 10 years of research and development. Our award-winning “IVR with a brain” uses natural language speech recognition throughout every call, an artificial brain to handle the conversation flow, and is based on an object oriented coding framework.

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Our Values

SmartAction knows a customer relationship needs to be nurtured and respected to make solutions happen, while being honest throughout the process.

What is IVR with a Brain™?

“IVR with a Brain” is how best to describe SmartAction’s proprietary call center solution. Unlike legacy IVR systems, our solution can do more than routing and goes beyond seeking out keywords (or cue words) to respond to the customer. SmartAction’s “IVR with a Brain” is able to comprehend natural, conversational language and is able to reason and act in a purposeful way. In addition, the “brain” based agent remembers what is said throughout the conversation, as well as from prior conversations and customer records. As time progresses, the brain becomes increasingly more intelligent through the analysis of prior calls, which effects higher call completion rates from a more refined and efficient call experience.

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