Case Studies

More and more companies are recognizing they can automate more calls cost effectively and improve caller experience with a no hassle IVR system from SmartAction. Our Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA™) uses natural language and artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience. These case studies show some typical applications and the problems they successfully solved for our customers.


Roadside Assistance Customers Benefit from Intelligent Voice Automation (IVATM) During Peak and After Hours

CAA Saskatchewan offers year-round roadside service to its members and wanted to be able to assist more customers during peak call times, which are directly impacted by inclement weather. SmartAction’s IVA system, upgraded to include GEO location capabilities, is able to provide faster and more efficient service while limiting queues during peak call times. CAASK’s call center operational expenses have decreased 25%, while 60% of its roadside assistance calls are now handled by IVA.> More


IVA Helps Field Technicians Close Over 96% Of Valid Work Orders

The thousands of technicians at the company were expected to know and execute numerous client-specific procedures for each work order, procedures that were complex and frequently changing. Now they call one phone number for all work orders and IVA walks them through the specific work order close out procedures for each client. IVA successfully closes out over 96% of valid work orders and reduce call time by 67%, reducing cost and user frustration. > More

Employment Services Company Supports Growth with 60% of Customer Calls Resolved by IVA

Because of its rapid growth rate, this national employment services firm needed a way to handle increased call traffic without adding significant cost or lowering caller satisfaction. "We sought out a solution that could assist our growth without adding significant cost. IVA proved to be just the solution we needed,” said Carolyn Domiano, Manager of Implementation Services. > More

Artificial Intelligence Roadside Assistance Provides Responsive 24/7 Service

SmartAction helps Alberta Motor Association (AMA) provide roadside assistance to its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. IVA provides peak and after hours answering capabilities, answering all calls immediately and eliminating queues. IVA interacts with AAA’s proprietary digital dispatch system to automatically send a message to the nearest tow truck with the member’s location. Calls are handled from start to finish with IVA, and proactive tuning increased call completion from 60% to 71%. > More


Office Supply Retailer Successfully Automates 62% of Product Return Calls With IVA

Office supply product order taking calls were long and repetitive with old automated phone systems. SmartAction uses "open grammar" that can recognize a wide variety of possible responses, which in turn shortens call length and reduces frustration for your customers. By switching to SmartAction, the Company saw 62% of calls were successfully handled, versus 15% with its prior system and IVA received customer satisfaction ratings of 92%. > More

Purity Products Handles 83% of Order Status Calls Successfully With SmartAction

Purity Products, a national health products retailer had relied on a simple touch-tone IVR solution to supplement its live agents in handling customer calls. Faced with growing call volume, Purity Products realized that it could handle more calls, more effectively with an intelligent call automation system from SmartAction. IVA handles about 3,000 calls a day. With continuous system tuning, operator transfers have been cut in half to 18%. > More

National Marketing Resources Doubles Call Center Revenue With SmartAction

National Marketing Resources (NMR), a national direct marketer, needed to revamp its customer service operations to provide better customer service, handle more call volume effectively, and generate more revenue from the call center. The addition of IVA and a new telephone system helped NMR double its call center revenues in just 6 months. At the same time, it improved customer service to meet service level targets, while reducing live agent costs. > More


Terminix Saves Over $2 Million Annually From Appointment Scheduling Calls Handled by IVA

Appointment scheduling was always a problem with conventional speech IVR systems, with the vast majority handled by a live agent. Now SmartAction with natural language and artificial intelligence can actually have a conversation with your customers, saving time and leaving customers more satisfied. Terminix had been hoping for a 30% call completion rate, which IVA exceeded in delivering a 68% rate of successfully handled calls. > More

Big E Transportation Saves 75% Over Original Call Cost By Automating Delivery Confirmation Calls

Big Transportation first came to SmartAction looking for an effective, customer-friendly outbound telephone survey solution. With over 94% of  surveys completed by customers, the company saw that IVA had the intelligence and natural language capability to also handle the more sophisticated delivery confirmation calls. The result was 85% of delivery confirmation calls made by IVA were successfully handled without operator assistance and a number of "Not at Home" deliveries were avoided resulting in significant cost savings. > More

High Power Technical Services Reduces “Not at Home” Costs By $30,000 Monthly & Improves Customer Satisfaction

On-site visits (often called “truck rolls”) have operational cost drivers that multiply whenever a home service company has to send out a truck more than once. IVA is able to reduce these costs by providing an end-to-end hosted automated experience of outbound appointment confirmations, day-of estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates, and post-visit customer satisfaction surveys. High Power Technical Services, which is the #1 installer of DISH Network in Kentucky and Indiana, has seen more than $30,000 of monthly savings and a huge increase in customer satisfaction. > More

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