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Guide to IVR 2.0

An Education on New Voice Self-Service Technology

There are a lot of competing priorities to juggle in the contact center, and it’s hard to accomplish goals and deliver next generation customer service without a little extra help from the experts. That’s why we crafted the Guide to IVR 2.0: to walk you through every aspect of buying, implementing, and maintaining voice self-service technology. Use the Guide to find industry-leading perspectives and insights that will help you offer the best, most effortless customer experience possible.

What to Look for in an IVR

We guide you through the vendor selection process and outline all the questions you should ask of your team and theirs.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Think it’s easier to “do nothing” about your poor voice automation? That decision will cost you.

IVA® Data Sheet

Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA®) is SmartAction’s leading AI-powered solution. Learn about the benefits and features of IVA®.

IVR Best Practices

IVRs can get a bad rap, but follow these best practices and make some simple improvements and you’ll make a major impact on your business.

The Voice Does Matter

Choosing a voice for your IVR is not a trivial task. Here’s how to choose the best voice to represent your business in the phone channel.

On the Radar–SmartAction

Ken Landoline from Ovum Consulting was intrigued by IVA® and offers this document to give an objective point of view on its capabilities and benefits.

The Transformational Journey

CEO Tom Lewis explains what it means to make transformational change in your contact center. For SmartAction clients, it is a Journey not a Destination.

Building a Business Case for IVR

This step-by-step guide walks you through the details of the IVR business case, including how to compare costs and ROI.

What is WebCTI?

WebCTI allows for personalized, effortless, and seamless conversations, even as callers transition from IVA® to agents. Never make a caller repeat info again!

Visio Diagrams vs. Conversation Flows

Using Conversation Flows for application development is a key factor in going live quickly.


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