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Technical Overview

Our five-step approach was designed to be the antithesis of the Painful Journey. We did everything we could to eliminate pain points and simplify and expedite your processes. And it typically only takes one or two months to get a single application live.

1. Conversations: The title of this step has a dual meaning. First, it means our implementation team will chat with yours to lay out expectations, goals, and scope. Second, it means we will begin the development of sample conversation flows, which will be later used as Use Cases for testing the application.

2. Programming: We work hard to take the heavy programming effort out of your hands. Our in-house engineers will begin building the application’s backbone – integrating with your telephony and data exchange systems. We also address any security requirements for the application (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more).

3. Testing: This is one of the most important steps in the process. We’ll make sure that all of the programming, compatibility, and data transfers are operating correctly. Following the technical tests is Quality Assurance (QA), to be performed both by our team and yours. The final tests will be User Acceptance Testing, done by your team for any final tweaks before go live.

4. Go-Live: Once you’ve tested and approved the application, it will go into production with intensive tuning during the first few weeks. Call data will be generated, analyzed, and stored.

5. Ongoing Tuning: As call data mounts, we will monitor your application daily to fine-tune the system forever, and make improvements to the overall customer experience. IVA™ benefits both from data within your calls and internal updates to the core “brain,” so success rates will increase with time.

Extensive pre-launch TESTING is the KEY to successful applications


Our Model

Go live fast: We take responsibility for overall project success and can get from concept to live service in only a few weeks.
Integrate painlessly: We can integrate with 99% of databases, web services, PBX, or call agent support software.

Save clients money: Price-per-minute costs and a low upfront development fee make for an enticing alternative to live agents.

Report and improve: We provide a real-time reporting mechanism, accessible by clients at any time of day or night, and utilize the call data we acquire to continuously improve our solutions.


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