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Intelligent Voice Automation

Meet IVA®

IVA® stands for Intelligent Voice Automation, a cloud-based, artificial intelligence voice self-service platform. As a hosted service, IVA can handle call volumes for medium to large companies and combines speech recognition with natural language to enable free-flowing conversations. We call it an “IVR with a Brain” – IVA can accurately recognize speech, understand callers’ meaning and intent, and remember the evolving context of each conversation. Then, IVA dynamically responds with personalized, context-relevant, accurate answers.

Live agents are typically the most effective call center resource. They excel at complex, value-add calls that require a personal touch. It is common for companies to prefer live agents on revenue-producing calls, key customers’ calls, and other complex issues. However, live agents are also by far the most expensive resource. And with issues like training costs, scalability, high turnover rate, and unexpected increases in call volume, companies should be prepared to take some of the more routine complex calls off the plates of agents in order to provide better and affordable customer service.

How does IVA stack up against alternatives in the call center?

VS. Live Agents

IVA can effectively integrate with almost any software or web service out there – CRM, database, PBX, agent support, and proprietary software. With access to your software, IVA can recognize callers and provide them personalized service. The platform is also PCI-DSS Tier 1 certified and HIPAA compliant, which means that once IVA interacts with a customer, we take the necessary steps to protect that customer’s personal information.

VS. Conventional IVRs

Touchtone IVRs are likely the cheapest way to handle calls. These systems are severely limited in terms of capabilities, options, and customer satisfaction.
Speech IVRs can handle slightly more complexity, but are far more expensive to develop than Touchtone systems – so much so that the programming can sometimes rival the costs of a live agent. Most Speech IVRs also have limited understanding, which can frustrate customers when the IVR does not recognize words or phrases.

IVA® can RECOGNIZE callers and PROVIDE them personalized service




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