Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA)

IVA™ is powered by our artificial intelligence (AI) engine or "brain". While most speech IVR solutions use application-specific programs or scripts, only IVA uses an AI Brain™ that reasons and has cognitive skills.

Key Advantages of the SmartAction AI Brain:

AI Brain
  • Features a large vocabulary and array of built-in skills and knowledge that is continuously enhanced
  • Easily trained with relevant, customer-specific information
  • Dynamically adapts to conversation flow in real time
  • Evaluates multiple hypotheses from the speech recognition engine and selects the most likely interpretation based on context
  • Has short-term memory, which keeps track of prior conversation flow, and long-term memory, which recognizes callers and remembers facts from previous calls
  • Acquires most of its application knowledge and skills based on application performance and tuning
  • Incorporates improvements from new applications as well as R&D upgrades, and shares them with all customers.

Key Advantages of the Intelligent Voice Automation Solution:

  • Uses a speech recognition technology with the most advanced open, natural language, speech recognition system available
  • Leverages the highest quality text-to-speech (TTS) technology, enabling us to dynamically generate and personalize speech for each user
  • Tightly integrates the speech recognition engine with the SmartAction AI brain, enabling faster and more natural conversation
  • Includes powerful tools to create and validate conversation flows and help automate quality assurance
  • Enables more effective integration with any customer database, web site or service, PBX and call agent support software
  • Dynamically allocates IVA to provide redundancy and reliability, and enable application upgrades with no downtime
  • Provides an intelligent platform for effective and inexpensive ongoing upgrades.
  • Delivers a PCI-certified solution, with SmartAction as a Visa and Mastercard registered service provider.

About Artificial Intelligence

The AI technology that powers IVA was developed by Adaptive A.I. Inc. - SmartAction's parent company--over a period of 7 years. First, we developed a system with cognitive skills, flexibly adapt to, and execute many high-level applications. Next, we focused on building and commercializing automated personal assistants for a variety of business and consumer applications. By mid-2007 we had a working prototype that demonstrated a range of natural language-based web, IM, and email capabilities.

We then narrowed our focus to supplying hosted call automation to handle calls that currently require human operators. We removed unneeded features and re-engineered the system to bring it up to full commercial standards of performance and reliability. We also acquired deep expertise in speech recognition technology, integrated it with our intelligence engine, and upgraded it substantially to effectively recognize phone-quality speech input. The technology now powers IVA at a growing number of customer sites.

Over the coming months and years, we will incrementally add back the advanced cognitive functionality developed earlier, as well as develop additional capabilities. This ongoing R&D effort will allow us to handle ever more complex conversations and, in addition, expand into other applications such as personal, administrative, and research assistants, as well as higher capability agents.

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