Who is SmartAction?

  • SmartAction is an industry-leading PCI-certified hosted IVR technology company with exceptionally high self-serve success rates through inbound and outbound call automation for medium to Fortune 500 sized companies.
  • An intelligent, speech IVR delivers an extraordinary customer experience, providing the highest self-service rates and customer satisfaction ratings in the industry – even on complex calls.
  • A proprietary “brain” based artificial intelligence engine with natural language capabilities enables call centers to automate more calls than any conventional IVR solution on the market today—up to 80% off the cost of a live agent and no set-up or implementation fees.
  • A high-touch company obsessive about providing world-class customer service, where minimal resources are needed by your company as we do the bulk of the work.
  • A hosted, turnkey solution handling everything from requirements analysis and custom design to integration, testing, monitoring and ongoing tuning and performance improvement.

Intelligent Voice Automation(IVA™): Artificial Intelligence IVR Technology Breakthrough

Next generation Intelligent Voice Automation technology enables you to:

  • Provide a superior call experience that leads to satisfied customers.
  • Deploy rapidly, even for custom applications.
  • Automate more calls with increasingly intelligent applications.
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Painless Implementation

We offer better performance with no risk:

  • Get started risk-free. We build your system and you get to "try before you buy" with absolutely no obligation.
  • Our hosted IVR service means no upfront capital investment...pay as you go and only for what you use.
  • Our continuously self-learning, self-upgrading engine dramatically reduces maintenance costs and is virtually "future proof".
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Unmatched Service

We enable new self-service strategies quickly and painlessly:

  • Go live fast. We provide solutions in weeks, not months.
  • Turnkey solution. Offload any start-up hassles on us.
  • Integrate painlessly with database and live operators.
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Superior Results

Intelligent Voice Automation:

  • Quickly identifies why customers are calling.
  • Completes a higher percentage of calls than speech IVR systems.
  • Automates the broadest range of applications with artificial intelligence.
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Compare Intelligent Voice Automation

Compared with live agents, IVA:

  • Provides service at a savings of up to 80% of current cost.
  • Offers 24/7 availability, less waiting and more consistent service.
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Compared to traditional IVR systems, IVA:

  • Has higher call completion and lower call abandon rates.
  • Eliminates customer frustration by eliminating convoluted navigation.
  • Reduces the desire of customers to bypass your IVRs.
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