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Secure and Simple Payment Processes


Collecting payments can be as simple or as difficult as the customers from which you are collecting. While phone payments are important to revenue, oftentimes the complexity of the call type requires live agents to handle them, meaning a slice of the collection is not hitting your bottom line. Sometimes calls become complex because of customer error, such as providing the wrong credit card number; other times, complex calls emerge because the best way to entice customers to pay their balance is by offering a payment plan. Call type aside, it is massively important that your customers’ information is fully secure. All in all, if you choose to collect payments over the phone, you need to have a PCI certified application that can rescue complex self-service calls and legitimately save you money so you can reap the benefits of all those receivables.


– Maintaining security and privacy
– Collecting on overdue payments
– Correcting customer errors gracefully
– Implementing payment plans
– Remedying declined recurring payments
– Delivering an effortless payment process


Simpler payment processes can lead to increases in conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and sales (according to Gartner). One way to make payments simpler is to provide a variety of payment channels for your customers to choose from, including text. We have partnered with Pay2Day, a mobile billing and payment solution provider, to provide seamless omnichannel payment options for your customers. Whether a customer chooses to pay using IVA® on the phone or using Pay2Day via text, you’ll be able to securely accept their payment. And, it will be tightly integrated with your other channels, ensuring up-to-date recordkeeping and high customer satisfaction.

Use Cases

A leading retailer needed to reestablish correct payment information for customers whose credit cards had been declined. IVA was able to make outbound calls to those customers and request another card for payment. The company then was able to process the new payment information accordingly.

A top medical supplies company was performing unsuccessful collections calls and needed to increase their success rate. IVA calls customers shortly after collection letters are mailed, offering an effortless payment process to them while it is fresh on their minds.

A pest control company was stuck with declined credit cards for recurring payments and returning customers. They enlisted IVA’s help to make outbound calls to request a new payment option. While on the phone, IVA offers customers the chance to pay outstanding balances in real-time or to make a payment for service for the upcoming year.

SmartAction PCI Certified


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