Audio Sample Demos

With IVA, hearing is believing. These IVR audio sample demos show how easy it is to address your most common business challenges with intelligent voice applications. They should give you a quick sense of the advanced capabilities of IVA.

Demo 1: Save the Sale

Customer calls to cancel an order, IVA proposes a substitution, customer accepts.

IVR audio download Download Save the Sale audio sample

Demo 2: Order Status

Customer gets quick answers about her order.

IVR audio download Download Order Status audio sample

Demo 3: Appointment Reschedule

Outbound call to confirm appointment, patient reschedules.

IVR audio download Download Order Placement audio sample

Customer Feedback

SmartAction provides a “refreshingly good” customer service experience that your customers will remember. This compilation of real customer feedback shows how IVA exceeds the expectations customers have for traditional IVR systems. Customers love IVA’s efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to adapt to speech patterns like a human would. To hear what they’re saying, listen to the clip below.

IVR audio download Download Customer Feedback audio sample

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