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Shipping & Logistics

Operational Efficiency Saves Time and Money


Shipping & Logistics is an industry that plays a vital role in the supply chain for all businesses. As a growing number of companies outsource shipping and logistics to third-party providers in an effort to reduce operational costs, service providers must find ways to become more competitive. Customer service is a key component of differentiating your shipping and logistics business from competitors. It is important for shipping and logistics companies to provide a customer experience that aligns with the high quality of customer service most consumer-facing businesses provide. Consumers expect a consistent experience from the time they order a product to the moment it arrives at their front door. Your shipping and logistics business can help meet those service level expectations while increasing efficiency by utilizing artificial intelligence voice self-service.

Shipping & Logistics Industry challenges include, but are not limited to:

• Unnecessary costs spent on delivering to locations where no one is available to accept the service or package.
• Limitations on the ability of customers to reschedule appointments.
• Vague delivery arrival times provided to customers because no systems are in place to track drivers and provide real-time ETAs.
• Time consuming and inconsistent delivery check-in / check-out process for drivers.
• Customers expect a consistently high service level across all channels.
• Maintaining high customer satisfaction rates by capturing feedback from customers.

Voice self-service can give shipping and logistics companies the advantage of improving customer service while providing more consistent delivery services. The right solution should allow customers to be updated with accurate arrival times and save time and money with a more efficient delivery process.

Our perspective on voice self-service for Shipping & Logistics customers:

No systems in place to TRACK drivers or provide real-time ETAs


Delivery Confirmation / Rescheduling

For both LTL and larger shipments, outbound delivery confirmations can save your company both time and money. Arriving with a delivery at a location where no one is available to accept delivery is extremely costly for freight companies and courier services alike. Ideally you can limit expensive, unwanted truck-rolls by confirming the customer will be present at the time of a shipment arrival and allow them to reschedule if needed. While conventional pre-recorded robo-call prompts are able to remind recipients of a delivery, they are only partially effective in delivering a better customer experience; most cannot offer rescheduling. Another important requirement of pre-delivery is the ability to check to make sure all other requirements of the delivery are met. These include things like access to gated entries, ensuring someone 18 years or older will be present, and more.

Outbound Survey

A University of Nottingham study found “80% [of customers] will vent their anger to at least ten people and 20% sound off to at least 20 others!” A negative response from a customer can result in lost revenue and discourage potential customers from doing business with you. One way to avoid this is to make outbound calls to customers and ask about their service experience, offering a chance for them to provide feedback. One of the biggest obstacles for businesses attempting to implement surveys is getting customers to actually complete the survey. For this, timing is crucial. Combined with the driver check-in/check-out function, the solution should be programmed to send out survey calls just after the delivery is finished, within 20 minutes. This way, your customers are more likely to not only respond, but give higher quality feedback, given that the delivery is still fresh in their minds.

Driver Check-in / Check-out

One problem many companies run into is miscalculated delivery schedules due to variances in actual delivery times. The solution to this problem is an application that allows drivers to check-in before a delivery and check-out once the delivery is complete. This way, companies are able to keep track of the efficiency of their deliveries, all while receiving real-time updates of the status of their drivers. These updates, along with GPS tracking, can be used in conjunction with delivery confirmation calls to give customers more exact arrival times, resulting in a better customer experience.


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