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Routine Calls Are Wasting Agent Time


Companies in the telecommunications industry see the most significant competition in the residential and small business markets. These markets are saturated with companies whose success relies heavily on having lower prices than their competitors. The relative ease for customers to move from one service provider to another makes churn rate particularly concerning for telecom companies. In addition to price, customer service plays a huge role in the decision to switch telecom companies. A study from The Contact Center Association said that 63 percent of people will become disloyal to a company because of a negative contact center experience. Voice self-service powered by AI addresses the concern of both price and customer service. Automating more call types can help telecom companies drastically reduce overhead costs, while increasing customer satisfaction by providing a more effortless experience.

Challenges for the Telecommunications Industry include, but are not limited to:

• Long queue times for customers waiting to speak to customer service representatives.
• Routine account and billing issues take up too much live agent time.
• Inefficient methods for communicating information about products.
• Complex billing information results in repetitive and frequent calls that cannot be processed through a traditional IVR.
• Personalizing calls based on an assessment of customers’ needs accessed through account information on file.

Our perspective on voice self-service for Telecommunications customers:

High churn rate makes customer SERVICE and PRICE the top priorities.


Account Support

Many calls related to account support are routine requests that do not require the personal touch of a live agent. However, the average call center agent in the Telecommunications Industry is flooded with basic account related calls. Although many of these calls are repetitive, they are often too complex for a conventional IVR system to handle. From plan changes, to billing address updates, the many different types of account support requests make typical decision trees seen in most IVR systems impractical. While these calls are simple for an agent to handle, they are generally too difficult and awkward for voice automation. A robust voice self-service solution should be able to handle a large percentage of these requests without involving an agent while simultaneously providing a great customer self-service experience.

Order Status

Telecom companies are no longer only responsible for providing communication channels for their customers; they must also offer the latest in consumer telecommunication technology, such as mobile phones, internet devices, and accessories. Tracking the status of an order requires a nimble solution that can integrate with any backend database system and also reference third-party shipping providers to give your customers a quick and up-to-date response.


According to a report from the Tax Foundation, “experts say cell phone bills are often presented in a way that makes it difficult for consumers to sort out what they are being charged.” This has been a persistent issue for consumers. With credits and fees, overage charges, and more, it can all become very confusing. Offering access to billing FAQs, easy bill payment services, and account status checks through automation will reduce queue times and improve customer service efficiency. Also, as many companies in telecommunications are familiar with, call centers frequently receive the same billing questions over and over again. The best solutions should be able to analyze data from the caller’s bill to anticipate their needs, increasing the likelihood of the issue being resolved without being transferred to a live agent. While conventional IVR systems may be able to access basic billing information, better solutions are able to gather complex data and deliver it to your customers efficiently.


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