Top 3 Reasons We’re Excited to be a 2016 Tech Fast 500 Company

On Wednesday, we announced that we had been recognized as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2016. It was the first time we landed on this list, and it represents the great success SmartAction has been experiencing. We are really excited about this award – maybe more excited than we’ve been for other awards – because of all that comes with it. Not the PR or the plaque or the free shrimp cocktail at the awards banquet, though those things are nice; but we’re excited about some of the underlying reasons. Here’s the Top 3.

  1. Validation. All the hard work has paid off! Every company’s team works hard and ours is no different, dedicating hours and hours of time and effort for the benefit of our clients. Our values, goals, and past performance all have been recognized as excellent by a well-respected entity in the business world, and naturally that recognition feels great!
  2. Networking & Learning. On Tuesday evening, there was an awards banquet for the 41 winners in Los Angeles. Attending that event, we were exposed to their success stories, elevator pitches, challenges, and choices of tie (or lack thereof in many cases). This was a gathering of the leaders of the LA tech scene and we certainly walked away with new ideas and concepts that will benefit us. We even contributed a little, too.
  3. High Expectations. Exceeding mediocre expectations earns you recognition, but meeting high expectations is much harder. The bar is now set high for us, regarding everything from technology roadmap, client relationships, operational efficiency, and time to market. And guess what? That’s awesome! We are equipped with a team of aggressive problem-solvers – smart, creative, and self-starting. High expectations will lead to high quality solutions and we plan to meet every expectation that’s been set.

It is our goal to climb the Tech Fast 500 list next year and build on the growth we’ve already experienced. By that time, the award will give us three new reasons to be excited once again.

About the Author: Tom Lewis, CEO

Tom has over 25 years of experience focused primarily on customer experience and contact center operations and technology. He’s been the CEO of SmartAction since 2013.


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